Menu Plan Monday: 5/7/12

I have so many photos to post.  I am afraid I actually won’t get them all posted.  Ever.  Makes me sad.  Today my goal is to finally finish my letters to Shania and Zachary, especially since they didn’t even get a letter for April.

MONDAY:  Tator Tot Hotdish–I was doing so well avoiding casseroles.  But we have soooo much burger to use up, I am running out of ideas.  And I have never really had tator tot hotdish before.  I was too disgusted to try it in school, but I have grown up and I am desperate. :)

TUESDAY: Shania has her end of year preschool potluck and I plan to make this Oriental Chicken Salad minus the fried chicken part.  The dressing tastes exactly like Applebee’s Oriental Dressing.  This is seriously one of my favorite meals and it can be make healthy by avoiding the fried chicken.

WEDNESDAY:  Orange Chicken, rice and roasted asparagus

THURSDAY:  Last day of dance!  Exciting to have Thursdays a little less chaotic, but now debating what activities Shania should participate in this summer.  T-ball doesn’t seem to be an option since there isn’t a program for her age group.  Super bummed!  Soccer?  Swimming?

FRIDAY:  Slow-cooked pork ribs…yet to find a recipe.  Probably from my Crockpot cookbook.

One response

  1. Ooh! The Oriental Chicken Salad at Applebee’s is my favorite! Going to have to try that one.

    May 7, 2012 at 4:02 pm

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