Menu Plan Monday: 7/23/12

We came back from our camping trip to Itasca State Park yesterday, then I picked up the night shift for a  little extra cash.  So, now here I am scrambling again to plan the menu for the week.

So worth it though!  Itasca State Park is beautiful, the weather was perfect and I was at such peace hanging with the family in the middle of the state forest.  I wouldn’t change a thing about the weekend.  Well, maybe, a shorter car ride…and less whiney, tired kids from the long car ride.  I have so many pictures to post and I am hoping to get our internet up and running the way it should be (our modem hasn’t been working wirelessly since Wednesday night and I am hooked up the old fashoined way) so I can post all of them.  I know, I have been saying this about my pictures for months now , right?!

On my mind daily is my Aunt Teri.  She has been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and is recovering from some abdominal surgery where they removed some of the cancer that spread to her gut.  Please keep her in your prayers!  She has a long road ahead of her with chemo plans.

Now for the weekly menu:

MONDAY:  Lasagna – thankfully, made ahead to throw in the oven for unexpected days like today.  Gee, I should do that more often!

TUESDAY:  Taco Tuesday

WEDNESDAY:  Taquitos – didn’t make them last week because I didn’t have any chicken in the freezer as I had thought.  I am still wanting these and will buy the chicken to make them this week!

THURSDAY:  French Toast and Smoothies

FRIDAY:  Another camping trip…Wisconsin Dells with my family.  It’s going to be a great time!  I am really hoping I will have some time this week to make this homemade salsa to bring along.  Oh, and those coconut chocolate chip cookies that I mentioned last week since I have been craving them again!


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